Fall Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes, Patterns, and Textures.

So I would like to share some awesome and creative brushes, textures and patterns for your and my upcoming fall effects. Feel free to download as much as you’d like! Fall Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes, patterns and textures: Click here to view all … [Read more]

Prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC exam

This course will help you to prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC Exam. This exam is the highest official certification you can get, proving your skills in Photoshop and it can help further in your career in the creative … [Read more]

Top 5 Photoshop Hacks! (Tips, Tricks & Easter Eggs)

In this video I show you my 'Top 5 Photoshop Hacks! (Tips, Tricks & Easter Eggs)'... ▽ Expand the description to view more information! ▽ Enjoyed the video? Please leave a like to show your support and appreciation: Subscribe to Visual to stay … [Read more]

Lightroom gadgets – LrControl

The new kid on the block, LrControl from Peltmade, is looking like a very promising and economical option for midi controllers on both Windows and Mac.   Controls The LrControl functions are almost entirely focused on the Develop module, apart … [Read more]

Best of Photoshop: Tipps und Tricks für die perfekte Bildbearbeitung – Matthias Schwaighofer

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Fixing Bloodshot Eyes

If a lot of red veins are popping up in the eyes, one way to fix that is by selecting the eyes, and then creating a Hue/Saturation Color Adjustment layer. In the properties panel set the main drop down of what's getting adjusted to red, and then … [Read more]

Lightroom Performance – Preferences & Catalog Settings

In addition to optimizing the computer, you can optimize your Lightroom preferences and catalog settings for best performance.   Lightroom Updates Lightroom is usually updated every 2-4 months, and these updates frequently include performance … [Read more]

Autumn color effect | Photoshop tutorial | Soft light look

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Old Vintage Effect In Photoshop

Turn one of your favorite portraits into an old vintage photograph. We will be mainly applying adjustment layers and a texture to give that old photo feel. Download the texture I used in this episode here. … [Read more]

Create This Charming Magician with Enchanting Effects in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create this amazing photo manipulation in Photoshop with plenty of magical details. Also, you will learn how to create a fiery leopard, interesting and useful effects that I created as well as working with … [Read more]