Smoke Brushes

19 High quality smoke brushes for Photoshop CS6 (with size up to 5000px) and Photoshop CS2 (with size up to 2500px).
Included 2 separate ABR files

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Stargazer Photoshop Brush Set

Watch the demo here:

Our Stargazer Photoshop Brush Set comes with 10 unique brushes of star clusters and galaxies from far, far away… Create stunning, unique backgrounds using any color you want… Combine colors and get creative… Just one click adds an entire galaxy to your designs.

Check out before/after images to see what’s possible!

This set was the key element behind our Watercolor Universe Backgrounds:

You can make some serious magic with these brushes 🙂

CS6 & Above: High Resolution Brushes range in size from 774px – 5000px across
CS5 & Below: Brushes are 774px – 2500px across max (Photoshop limit for versions CS5 and below)
Let me know if you have any questions!

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Twig & Pine Illustrator Brushes

You need brushes that let you create designs that might be burnt into recycled paper made from the leftover sawdust from Carl the beaver. These outdoorsy brushes can do that and more.

Lumberjack approved.
Perfect for winter and fall themed projects.
Dead twigs great for Halloween.
20 perfectly seamless illustrator brushes
5 Extra support brushes where a simpler brush is needed.
Matching vector elements. For when you don’t want a stroke.
All brushes are perfectly seamless with corners and beginnings and ends. (Woah, detail!)
All brushes react to the stroke color.
3 Files in download:
.ai Brush Library (Load from brush window as brush library)
.pdf Brush Overview (Quickly view brushes and copy/paste if that’s what you’re in to)
.ai Vector Elements (Quickly grab an element where a stroke isn’t necessary)

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Kristi Sherk’s Awesome “Portrait Retouching in Lightroom CC” Class is Here!

Since we released Kristi’s new “Portrait Retouching in Lightroom CC” class, we’ve been getting a flood of over-the-top comments about how fantastic this new online class is. Kristi totally nailed it, and the stuff she does with Lightroom Brushes and Brush Presets is really just very clever — I think it’s the best class ever on the topic of Lightroom retouching.

Check our the official Trailer below:

Kristi is a gifted trainer and retoucher, and we’re thrilled to have her training here with us at KelbyOne. 🙂

Here’s the link to her course (and if you’re not already a KelbyOne member, you can take the 10-day free trial and watch her entire course for free right now!).

Hope you have a great week this week, and we’ll catch you back here tomorrow for Ben Warde’s Lightroom Coffee Break. 🙂



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