More from Photoshop World Day 1!

Here’s a glimpse at what happened yesterday at Photoshop World Orlando after the keynote! Photos by Brad Moore and Rob Foldy.

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Photoshop World Opening Keynote and More!

Hey gang, here’s another quick update from Photoshop World Orlando, day one! Check out these shots from today’s opening keynote presentation and some other things that have happened so far. Photos by Brad Moore and Rob Foldy.

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Scenes from Photoshop World Workshops and More!

We’re off to a great start at Photoshop World Orlando! Here are some scenes from our pre-conference workshops, The Grid Live, and The Meetup. Photos by Brad Moore and Rob Foldy. Check back later for photos from the opening Keynote with Adobe!

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Adding Overlays To Lightroom’s Loupe View

It’s Tuesday (did I mention it’s the day before the Photoshop World Preconference workshops start? Well, it is. Whoo hoo!!!), and of course, that means it’s time for Benjamin Warde’s awesome 60-second Lightroom Coffee Break. This time, he’s showing you some very helpful overlays you can add to your Loupe view (the larger zoomed-in view) in the Library module.

Good to know these are there, right? Thanks Ben! 🙂

OK, I’m heading to Orlando today — looking forward to meeting everybody over there. It’s gonna be a Lightroom love-fest! 🙂



P.S. Next month I’m in Minneapolis and Indianapolis with my Lightroom full-day seminar. Hope you can come out and join me. 

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Bridal Shoot (with behind-the-scenes shots and camera settings)

Hey, it’s Photoshop World week, and to celebrate, today I thought I’d share some shots from a recent bridal shoot I did for a project I’m working on.

The shoot took place at Casa Bella – a beautiful 9,000 sq ft. luxury home/venue for weddings and events in our area. I teamed up with my awesome wife Kalebra who did all the styling and art direction for the shoot (she’s just a blast to be on a shoot with — she brings an energy, and fun to the shoot that’s contagious. Also, seeing how she sees things, and how she works with our subjects is really something to see — she should do a class on it).

Above: Here’s the behind-the-scenes shot (photo by Juan Alfonso) of me taking the image at the top of the page. I’m sitting on an Apple box (see below) so I’m not quite on the floor (maybe 6″ up from it) but I put my camera (a Canon 5D Mark III)  directly on the ground in front of me, tilted up at the bride, using a Canon 14mm super wide-angle lens. You can see I’m pretty close to where the bride is standing, but look how much farther away she looks in the image up top.

Above: These Matthews Apple Boxes come in really handy. This is a half box (just 4″ high), but in a lot of cases, it’s a whole lot better than sitting on the ground. They are sturdy as anything, and you can stack ’em, too! We have them in different sizes, and use them mostly in the studio, either to get a higher angle or a much lower one. 

Two things that super wide angle does:
(1) When you put it on the floor like this, it makes the entire scene have more of an epic sprawling look — even in small spaces like this.

(2) Putting it on the floor like this, makes the floor appear MUCH more reflective than it really is, and you get a shine and reflection that you won’t get standing up, or even shooting on your knees. I can’t tell you exactly why it works like that…but it sure does.

Above: Shooting w inith our bride the same spot— I just stood up, backed way up, and used my 70-200mm f/2.8 zoomed in to 140mm.

Camera Settings:
I’m at 200 ISO at 1/400 of a second at f/2.8. I shot at f/2.8 for two reasons: (1) To get the background behind her a bit soft and out of focus, and because believe it or not, even though she was standing in front of a door with glass panes, the door is inset from the front of the house by quite a bit (there’s a large covered entryway), so the light wasn’t that bright. That’s also why I had to increase my ISO to 200 — there’s not as much light there, at that time of day, then you’d think.

Above: A third look with her in the exact same spot — I just walked closer, and then zoomed into 142mm. 

When we first walked in, I asked Kathy (who was assisting me on the shoot), to rig up a flash with a Westcott 26″ Rapid box octa mounted to the end of a monopod, but as it turned out — we were able to just go with natural light the entire 4-hour shoot, and we never used it once. That’s pretty rare, but the lighting throughout was pretty good, even though a few times I had to raise my ISO to 200 or 400 here and there.

Above: More of an editorial look for this shot taken in the bride’s dressing suite, just using the light from the windows. f/2.8 at 1/80 of a second at 200 ISO. Again, not as much light as you’d think, which is why I had a slower shutter speed and higher ISO, even at f/2.8.

I converted the image to black and white in Lightroom CC, and added the duotone effect using Lightroom’s Split Toning panel (shown here).To get the duotone look, I boosting the Saturation amount and moved the Hue slider to a brownish hue in the Shadows only (no adjustments to the Highlights split toning at all). TIP: When you’re setting the Hue and your Saturation amount is low like it is here, it’s sometimes hard to see exactly which hue you’re choosing, so hold the Option Key as you drag it, and it acts as though the Saturation amount is set to 100 which helps a lot.

Above: This is one of my favorites from the shoot, taken in the bridal suite. I switched to the 70-200mm for this one, and I’m at 70mm (I would have liked to have gotten back farther and shoot at 150mm or so, but my back was against the wall, so I couldn’t go back any farther, and didn’t want to switch to a wide angle — I wanted the look that the 70-200mm gives. I’m at f/2.8 at 1/250 of a second shutter at ISO 200).

She’s far enough away from the window that the lighting is very soft and subtle, which I really like.

Above: The “dream-like” quality is provided with a soft glow in post. While you can get a glow effect in Lightroom, it’s not awesome, so I usually use a plug-in. I’ve been using Luminar a lot more lately (a plug-in from Macphun that’s gotten really popular in the past few months), and they have a great built-in glow effect. I also have a bunch of presets that I made (that MacPhun is giving way with a promotion they’re doing), but in this case, I’m not using one of my presets — just the Soft Glow filter.

Above: I loved this hallway, and since our bride had been in ballet, she was cool with doing some dramatic poses. All natural light coming in from a nearby door.

Above: That’s me, sitting on a 1/2 height Apple box again, with the camera directly in front of me, right on the tile floor, with the 14mm lens aiming up. Once again, note the reflection on the floor.

Above: Finally, a shot with lots of light — I let the windows totally blow out again, and I intentionally overexposed the whole image for a bright, airy look. I had to go down to 1/30 of a second shutter speed to let this much light in, at f/2.8 at 200 ISO and I’m at 85mm on my 70-200mm. Again, my back is up against another wall. Would have liked to have gotten back further, and zoomed in tighter, but it’s still one of my favorites from the shoot.

Above: Taking advantage of our subject having been a ballerina, Kalebra had her strike this pose, with her positioned in front of one of the French Doors in the estate. We pulled the sheers to cover the window and somewhat control the light, but we wanted that blown out, over-exposed look — we just wanted it soft.

Hope you found any/some/part of that helpful. Can’t wait to share the whole project with you when it’s done. :)

A big thanks and shoutout to Kalebra for the styling and art direction, and for being my partner in this production from the start, and to Jen Coffin for helping with the production side big time. Thanks to Kathy Porupski for assisting on the gig, keeping things moving, and helping all the way around, and to our bride Julianna for being so patient, and easy to work with. :)

Have a great start to your week, and see ya back here tomorrow for Guest Blog Wednesday.



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Tip For Seeing a Better Color Preview in Lightroom’s Split Toning Panel

As excited as I am that it’s Photoshop World Conference week (awwwwww, yeah!), I’ve got some tips to share, so let’s get to it. This one is for when you’re using the Split Toning panel. The problem is that when you drag the Hue slider (as shown above, on the image I’ve already converted to black and white), you don’t’ see any color whatsoever. If you increase the amount of Saturation to where you want it, the color is so subtle that it’s hard to clearly see which Hue you are choosing. That’s what this tip is about — how to clearly see the Hue color as you drag, without cranking the Saturation slider up to +100, and then later having to adjust it back down.

STEP ONE: Simply hold the Option key (PC: Alt-key) as you drag the Hue slider and Lightroom treats it as if you set the Saturation amount at +100, so you can clearly see the Hues clearly at full strength as you drag the slider, and in this case you can clearly see that green isn’t the color you’re looking for. 😉

STEP TWO: When you’ve found the Hue you’re looking for (ahh, that’s more like it), simply let go of the Option key (PC: Alt key), and you can dial in the right amount of Saturation, knowing you’ve got the Hue right on the money.

Hope you found that helpful!

It’s Photoshop World Week!
I am so looking forward to meeting a bunch of you this week. The Pre-Conference Workshops start Wednesday, and the conference starts with the opening Adobe keynote at 9am on Thursday. We’ll be streaming the keynote live, and you can get the link Thursday morning from any of our social media sites.

Have a butt-kickin’, boot-scootin’, slap-happy Monday, and we’ll catch at back here tomorrow for “Lightroom Coffee Break.”



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It’s Photoshop Word Conference Week. Awwwww, yeah! :-)

It’s finally here, and I’m so excited (well, technically it starts Wednesday with the pre-conference workshop, and then the opening Keynote (streamed live, featuring Adobe), kicks off the conference on Thursday morning at 10:00 AM ET, but ya know — it’s Photoshop World week! Whoo Hoo! :)

If you’ll be there…
Two things you definitely want to do:

(1) Go to the free Orientation class 
If this is your first time at Photoshop World, we have a special crash course just for you. Hosted by Larry Becker, this orientation is designed to make sure you get the most out of your experience. Free and open to all attendees on Wednesday (the day before the full conference kicks off).

(2) Download the App 
We have an awesome conference app (for IOS and Android) that you will find invaluable during the conference. The full schedule is in there; directions; events times and locations, and a whole bunch more. Find it on the App Store for iPhones, or on Google Play for Android.

If you can’t go this year…
Then make sure you tune in Thursday morning at 10:00 AM ET (I’ll put a link here on the blog on Thursday morning, and on all our social media) so you can watch the opening keynote LIVE. It’s going to be (wait for it…wait for it…) epic!

Hope you have a great Monday (and safe travels if you’re heading to Orlando to join us for the big event!). :)


P.S. Tomorrow I’m sharing some finals, and BTS shots, along with camera info from a recent location shoot I did – hope you’ll stop back by then. 

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Stuff to Watch This Weekend

Hi gang – sorry for the late post today – with the Photoshop World Conference coming next week, it’s hard to work on anything else (really exciting, but busy as heck!). Anyway, I thought I’d share a few courses for you to watch this weekend that are just getting tons of love from our members — these are classes that people are just raving about, so if you’re looking for some learning this Holiday Weekend, I hope you’ll give these a look:

Larry nailed it in this class, and people are writing in that even though they thought they really knew about focus, they learned some seriously helpful things from this class. Here’s the link. 

Tracy Sweeney is becoming a sensation – plain and simple. She shares exactly how she does it, and her images, and her style of teaching, are on the money. People are raving about her class (some are calling it the best class on all of KelbyOne). Here’s the link.

Terry has always been awesome (and one of the best guys on the planet), but this class is giving him “cult hero status.” If you read them comments, they are filled with people signing up and selling their images already online. It’s crazy, but Terry’s class is literally that good. It’s opening people’s eyes to things they either had never considered, or had turned away from. You will love this! Here’s the direct link. 

KelbyOne members so love Stella, for her straight talk, her no-nonse style, and for sharing insights you simply won’t find anywhere else. Her whole career has been about hiring photographers, and she tells you things that will change the way you market and sell yourself, and your work, forever. If you’re thinking of going pro (now, or in the future), this is a must-watch! Here’s the link. 

These classes have HUGE buzz with our KelbyOne members, and I hope you’ll check them out this weekend.

Here’s wishing everybody a happy, healthy Easter (hope you get lots of chocolate eggs, and maybe a Cadbury or two), and we’ll catch you back here next week for Photoshop World Week. :)



P.S. I’m sharing a location bridal shoot on Tuesday that Kalebra and I worked on. Behind the scenes shot, lighting, post processing – the works, so don’t forget to stop by here on Tuesday. 

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Everything Else in Lightroom, Part One (and a shortcut or two!)

Happy Friday everybody! I am very excited to share that we just released my brand new class called “Everything Else in Lightroom, Part One” and it’s about all those things you want to learn how to do in Lightroom, that aren’t quite deep enough to warrant an entire class by themselves, but they’re still important techniques many Lightroom users ask about.

Well, I’ve got a whole bunch of ’em in my new KelbyOne class, and I designed the class so you can just jump directly to the technique you want to learn, and I show you how to do it; short, sweet, and to the point.

Check the official class trailer above for more details (and examples of what I’m talking about), or go and watch the class right now at this link (if you’re not already a KelbyOne member, you can sign up for the 10-day free trial and start watching the class immediately).

One more thing…how about a Lightroom shortcut? 
OK, I couldn’t resist adding a little tip today, and this one is a keyboard shortcut (well, a few of them) that you might find really speed up you getting around in Lightroom.

Command-1 (PC: Ctrl-1) opens the first panel in the right side panels
Command-2 (PC: Ctrl-2) jumps you to the 2nd panel down in the right side panels
Command-3 (PC: Ctrl-2) jumps you to the 3rd panel down in the right side panels
…and so on.

This is particularly handy if you have “Solo mode” turned on, where you only see the panel you’re currently working in, and all the rest of the panels are hidden (right-click on any panel’s title and choose “Solo Mode” from the pop-up menu that appears.

Well, there ya have it; a new class, and some cool tips. Great way to start the weekend. 🙂

Have a good one, and we’ll see you back here next week (it’s Photoshop World week! Whoo hoo!).



P.S. Did I mention it’s just 6-days to the Photoshop World 2017 Conference in Orlando? Not too late to come join in the Lightroom love fest that is Photoshop World. 

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Lightroom Maintenance Update Release

Hi gang, and welcome to the somewhat rare Thursday update. Adobe released a maintenance update for Lightroom, which includes support for a few new cameras, some new lens profiles, and of course, a host of bug fixes.

You can read about the update (along with a list of newly supported cameras and lenses, and bug fixes) at Adobe’s official Lightroom blog.

That’s it for today – see ya tomorrow! 🙂



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