Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Made Easy

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Because of the advanced technology in today’s cameras, it’s never been easier to take high quality photos, and so many! But once it’s time to put your images on your computer, the problems begin. What’s the best way to organize them? How do you prepare them for online publishing or to print? Photoshop Elements 10 is Adobe’s latest answer for home and small business customers, packing many of it’s most useful high-end tools in one affordable program. But you have to know how it works to get results! In these hands-on Photoshop Elements 10 tutorials from InfiniteSkills, you will learn how to organize, edit and share your images with ease. You’ll learn how to remove red eye, fix color issues, and do many of the things previously only possible in the full version of Photoshop costing hundreds of dollars. Led by multimedia expert and author Jerron Smith, you’ll get practical advice on how to use Photoshop Elements to clear the digital clutter, streamline your workflow, and get fantastic results in your final, edited photos.

What You Will Learn in the Photoshop Elements 10 tutorials

– How to apply professional image editing and correction techniques to your digital and

scanned photos.

– How to prepare and optimize images to be printed, shared online and backed up on

remote storage devices.

– How to work with layers, brushes and drawing tools to accomplish basic graphic design


– How to sort and organize large collections of photos based on custom keywords and

information already embedded in digital images.

Who Should Take This Course

– Amateur and home photographers looking to improve the quality of their images and

their workflow techniques.

– Small business owners and real estate / sales personnel who rely on high quality images

for their work with clients and customers.

– Anyone who wants to know how to get full Photoshop-quality results using a program

that costs a fraction of the price.

What People Are Saying

“This course was great. I thought since Elements was already pretty easy to use, I

wouldn’t learn much. But these videos brought my capabilities to an entirely new level.”

-J Stratlin

“I really got a lot out of these videos because of the way Jerron uses examples, instead of

speeding through menus everything was clearly laid out in steps onscreen. Thank you.”

-Donica Waverly

“Just what I needed…a very nice look at the main tools…with cool sections on camera raw

and panoramic merging that gave me more options even when shooting.”

-Ryan Schutto

The Biggest And Most Popular Photoshop Course On Udemy

What This Course Entails:

I will teach you how to get into photoshop, so don’t worry if you don’t have prior experience with photoshop or other plugins. Follow my lead and I’ll teach you to be good at it! ‚ÄúSeriously”

All my photoshop instructions form part of a comprehensive guide that can help you to accomplish your goals by applying these skills. During the lesson you get to eavesdrop as I work, giving you some insight as to how I work and what I do. You will also be able to download all my work files and work along with the exact same files.

The idea is to make photoshop fun and easy! “Anyone can do this”

Whether you have previous experience with photoshop or not, it doesn’t matter. Apply your knowledge for half an hour a day and you could be making huge improvements or even extra cash, just like me.

“And I’m not kidding when I say that you need nothing but photoshop!”

What other say about this course: By Ivan Synerd

This course gave me more than I ever imagined I would get. I learned how to use Photoshop from start to finish all the way! “Thank You” Not only how to Retouch images, but also loads of techniques, great PS tip’s and workflows. I watched most of his free youtube videos, but this course offers way more then his youtube channel. I really like how Manni literally teaches step by step what to do and how to do it. I only wish I had found this course earlier. Definitely recommend it. Thank you for the life skills Manni!

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You’ll learn

How to become a photoshop expert “Guaranteed”
How to improve your photoshop skills dramatically
Understand all photoshop basics and go beyond
Learn more than 50+ different photoshop techniques
How to get work done, quicker in photoshop
How to go beyond the level of intermediate photoshop user
How to use photoshop in order to retouch Cars
How to use photoshop in order to retouch Portraits
How to use photoshop in order to retouch Beauty & Fashion
How to use photoshop in order to retouch your personal work
How to create amazing color casts and color grades
How to install, work and understand photoshop plugins
Learn about photoshop secrets techniques ” More about this in my Photoshop secrets course”
… and much, much more!

Intrigued yet? Then keep reading!

As with all my courses: the initial low price will increase shortly.”You have unlimited lifetime access at no extra cost”

Not just that; all future additional lectures, bonuses, etc in this course are always free. There’s an unconditional, no-questions-asked full 30-day money-back guarantee!

I’m known for always offering support in Udemy, so feel free to shout out if you’re stuck or need assistance. “I’m here to help”

One final note: My goal is to teach you photoshop, so don’t stress about not having worked in photoshop before. “I do my best to make it simple & fun”

I’ve crammed all my knowledge about photoshop into over 100 photoshop tutorials! After going through this course, you’ll be able to apply your new skills to photoshop anything and make some extra cash along the way.

All you have to do is click on the “take this course” button on the top right corner. You have nothing to lose. In fact, you’ve got a lot to gain.

Photoshop CS6 Crash Course

This course takes you from knowing nothing about Photoshop to having an incredibly good handle on the program in as little time as possible.

The three legs of Photoshop are:
* Layers
* Selections
* Color Correction
If you understand how to manipulate those three elements you can accomplish just about anything with Photoshop. This course starts by going over those concepts and then shows how to combine them for powerful results. Rather than showing you every single feature this course focuses on the features people actually use without boring you to tears on the other tools. The instructor Jeremy Shuback has taught over 150 000 people Photoshop and works as a professional designer. He uses Photoshop every day to create everything from billboards to photorealistic matte paintings for feature films. More importantly he understands that you don’t want to spend 14 hours straight trying to learn Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop for Photographers

Photoshop is now a household word, and with good reason. It can make washed-out imperfect images into digital masterpieces, or even take decades-old photos and repair damages that have been there for years. Professional technology trainer Andy Anderson will show you how to get professional results, with the same straightforward teaching approach he used in seminars for Disney and The White House in this Photoshop CS5 Tutorial that will inspire and inform.

This Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers course goes through techniques that are tried and true, and used by professionals everywhere to touch up and enhance digital and scanned photography. This tutorial is not for the beginner to Photoshop. You should have at least a basic working knowledge of Photoshop and the tools that are available. Starting with a basic introduction to the fundamental photography concepts of ISO, Depth of Field and Shutter Speed, you will quickly discover that this video tutorial covers more than correcting red-eye, although it does that too, but it also is rife with techniques that photographers can use both in Photoshop, and before you even take the picture with your camera.

When combined with the Photoshop for Beginners tutorial course, you will have an impressive range of knowledge of the program and a specific expertise when it comes to working with photos after learning these Photoshop Actions for Photographers.

Photoshop for Web Design Beginners

Photoshop is one of the best tools, so learn it with this Photoshop Web Design Tutorial!

I have been using Photoshop since version 3 and every time it gets better and better. I have created litterally thousands of designs and over that time I have found that there are number of key skills and tools us web designers use in almost every design. This is why I created, along with the team at Web Courses, a series of screencast tutorials ideal for beginner web designers who wants to Learn Web Design with Photoshop.

1. The Power of File and New
In this lesson, you will learn how to open a new document and apply the settings you need to set up before you start designing in Photoshop.

2. Changing, Using and Installing Brushes
A look at paintbrushes. The different types of brushes that you can use as well as installing some new brushes, so you can do some really nice affects on your design.

3. The Key to Custom Shapes
Shapes is something we use a lot when we’re designing a web page. It’s used to make the layout and lots of other elements on the screen. We get used to this really useful tool in this lesson.

4. The Core of Photoshop, Layers and Groups
Layers are the most important part of Photoshop, as they allow you to make changes to specific areas on the screen. You can further group these layers together to make it more manageable when you’re designing.

5. The Shortcuts to Moving and Resizing
In this lesson we’re going to be looking at how to move layers around the screen and how to resize them using the free transform tool, something you will use a lot in your designs.

6. Getting the Most from Zooming and Panning
We are going to look at how to look around your design and see the details by using the zoom tool. So in this lesson we look into two very important features of using Photoshop daily, zooming and panning.

7. Creating Cool Effects with Blending Modes
Blending modes are when you have two layers interacting with each other and effects are different things you can apply to single layer, things like shadows, inners shadows, gradients etc.

8. Text, Love it or Hate it
Texts are one of the trickiest things in Photoshop, reason being that its not really made to do it. So in this lesson, we’re going to find easy ways to work with Photoshop and texts.

9. Clean Web Page Design using Photoshop
We are going to be creating a webpage design in Photoshop. We are going to use grids to organize everything and get things in line and various other tricks to make the perfect web page.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tips & Tricks

Adobe Photoshop is the leading image and creation software package. Even if you have experience using the program, you may find that you need an expert to show you techniques and features that you don’t use on a daily basis. That’s why we created Photoshop CS5 Tips & Tricks. It’s created by Adobe Authorized Training Provider, Train Simple and introduces new features and productivity enhancements that include reshaping images with Puppet Warp, and Content-Aware Fill options.

This self-paced, video based training class contains over 3 hours of material. The course examines CS5 enhancements to existing features as well as tips for increasing your productivity and creativity using Adobe Photoshop. Whether you’re brand new to Photoshop or have been using it for years, there’s something for everyone in this class.

Beginners Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial

This Adobe Photoshop CS5 tutorials for beginners course is narrated by Adobe expert Andy Anderson. This Photoshop CS5 tutorials for beginners will teach you the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop with easy to follow, practical examples.

Starting with the basics, in this Photoshop CS5 tutorials for beginners, you will learn how to setup your work environment, open files, and perform various editing functions that Photoshop has to offer. Beyond the standard functions that Andy will instruct you on, he also covers, in some depth, color correction, layers, levels, Adobe Bridge, blending, masks, alpha channels, and much much more. Andy’s witty instructional style will keep you interested and entertained throughout the whole of these Adobe Photoshop CS5 tutorials for beginners.

By the conclusion of this video tutorial, you will be fully versed in the use of the basic tools of Adobe Photoshop CS5, and able to open, edit and prepare images for use in print, or digital media such as PDF’s or the Internet. Included are full work files, to allow you to learn right along with the instructor using the exact same files that he does.