Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended Upgrade

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended Upgrade Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended delivers all the imaging magic in Photoshop CS6 plus 3D graphic design and image analysis tools.* Easily create rich 3D artwork, and enhance your 3D scenes with shadows, lighting, … [Read more]

How to Master the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

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Fire Text Effect • Photoshop Tutorial

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PREPOSTEROUS: Down and dirty photoshop!

Learn how to: lose weight put muscles on get rid of acne change eye color get a tattoo … and more In only 5 minutes using this practical Photoshop training! Last summer I went to Montenegro with one of my best friends. We had a … [Read more]

Photoshop Tutorials Glow Effects for Mixtape Cover Flyer Party Club Designs In this PSD tutorial you learn how to create a glow effect in photoshop. For mixtape cartoon covers. Howard Pinsky shows how to create glowing lines, but in this tutorial we show you how to do soft glows for … [Read more]

5 Photoshop Tricks You Don’t Know – Part 2

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PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS Party Flyer Design Part 1 | Photoshop CS6 | Dispersion Effects

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How to Create Dramatic Light in Your Fantasy Photo Manipulation

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to add interesting light to your photo manipulations. Different ways of blending challenges objects such as semi transparent fabric will be explained. Let’s get started! Preview of Final … [Read more]

How to Add Patterns to Clothing in Photoshop

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Romantic Movie Poster Design || Photoshop Tutorial by Subh Devil

hello friends.. here is the another exciting and Most Requested Photoshop tutorial. yes, i agree it's lil bit faster.. so u have to basic knowledge about the photoshop to understand the process. Keep supporting me guy.. download Stocks from … [Read more]