Last Minute Gifts for Photographers, Designers and Artists

It’s almost the holidays and if you’re looking for a last minute gift, here are some great ideas that will ship before Christmas (assuming you buy it today). We selected items that can be shipped via Amazon Prime or are digital goods that … [Read more]

The survey results are in!

First of all, thank you so much to the 4240 of you who took the time to fill out my 2016 reader survey. The results have been fascinating and will help shape my plans for the next couple of years, so watch this space… So are you wondering about … [Read more]

How do I create and manage collections?

In the “Why use collections to organize photos?” post, we learned why you might want to use collections to group photos. Now let’s learn how… How to create a collection To create a collection, scroll down to the Collections panel, … [Read more]

How to Composite a Ruins Landscape

Learn how to create this beautiful ruins landscape with magical shafts of light. This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to add ruined buildings to the peaks of a snowy mountain landscape, add mystical light shafts, and a marching army. Final … [Read more]

Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial | Fantasy Photo Effects Bird City

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Photoshop Tutorial : Create a Pattern in 5 minutes

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Omega – Create this Abstract Composite Using Only Three Resources

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create abstract and fantastic photo manipulation with a immersive, 3-D and Radiation effects! You will learn how to working with Smart filters in Photoshop and use them, create your own brush from … [Read more]

Fun With Photoshop: Turn Your Photos Into Striking Collages

In this course, attendees will learn how to create a collage in Photoshop CS5 using their own images. They'll also learn six different enhancements they can use to customize their collage, and they'll learn many skills and techniques in Photoshop … [Read more]

How to Airbrush Skin With Frequency Separation

Professional retouchers use a lot of techniques to retouch skin. In this tutorial, you’ll learn one of the most basic retouching techniques called frequency separation.  It’s used as a quick way to airbrush skin without removing too many … [Read more]

Photoshop CC Tutorial: Fantasy Effects – Sail

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