Photoshop CS3 Tutorial for BEGINNERS Part 1

These are some helpful tutorials for beginners. I’ll have Part 2 coming up really soon. I hope you learned something from this video. Please leave comments on what tutorial I should do next!! Thank you!!!! (:

Difficulty Levels:
[1] Easy (No prior knowledge needed)
[2] Average (Have basic knowledge of program)
[3] Hard (Very familiar with program)

This video includes:
*CLICK THEM! It will automatically bring you to the section!
1. [1] Hot Keys 0:05
2. [1] Text Settings 0:43
3. [2] Make Your Own Brushes! 1:39
4. [2] Feather 2:05
5. [3] Changing Eye Color 2:54

Article publié pour la première fois le 03/10/2017