Photoshop for beginners part 1

Part 1 of a 2 part beginners series (continue to part 2: ). This tutorial begins with how to open a picture. 00:35 Browse in Bridge. 1:12 how to make a blanck document. 2:00 Add two photos together. 2:39 how to pull apart palettes and create your own. 4:35 How to save your workspace. 4:45 How to bring back an accidentally closed palette. 5:20 How to rotate a photo. 5:40 How to resize an image. 6:20 How to use the History palette. 6:40 How to change the canvas size. 7:45 Understand the basics of layers (for more information on how to use layers I’ll post a video in a few days). 10:50 How to use the Transform tool. 11:25 How to Duplicate quickly. 11:40 Using the selection tool and the align buttons to work with multiple layers. 11:39 How to use the cropping tool. 13:10 How to make an image quickly fill the screen at 100 %. 13:20 How to use the marquee tool. 15:00 What is feathering? 15:50 How to close multiple layers with one click! 16:15 How to use the Eliptic marquee. 16:30 how to make a perfect circle or square. 16:40 How to use the lasso tool. 17:50 How to use the Polygon Lasso. 18:25 Use the space bar for the move tool. 19:00 How to use the Refine Edge button. 20:00 How to Use the Magnetic Lasso.

Continue the lesson with part two:

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