Photoshop Text Tutorial

**NOTE** Make sure you have the annotations on.

A basic easy to follow tutorial on how to create this cool text effect. I got this tutorial from a site called PSD vault.

Original Tutorial:…

Download Link to ”Grunge Splat”

Songs I used:
Ellie Goulding – The Writer (TC4 Dubstep Remix)
Klaypex – Chinter’s Will (feat. Sara Kay)

Tutorial for if you missed something:

1- Open up a new Document with the size of 415 x 115 pixels
2- Next create a new layer and with the ”Impact” font or any other Bold font selected, write your text
3- On a new layer add a soft black circle above the text and resize it to where it aligns with the bottom part of the text
4- After resizing the circle, open up the ”Grunge Splat” brush and brush away. try with various ones and play with the blend options a bit to give it more effect
5- After you achieve the effect you want on the text, add a layer mask on the text layer
6- With your eraser tool selected and the ”Grunge Splat” loaded, begin erasing on the text. Make sure your foreground colour is white and that your Layer Mask Thumbnail is selected
7- When you’ve finished erasing, create a new layer above all the other layers and set the blend mode to Lighten
8- After that, select a soft round brush and set the foreground colour to the colour you want
9- When you’ve finished colouring your text, create a new layer and hold down ”CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E” What this does is merge all your layers onto one single layer without changing anything
10- Duplicate your layer and head over to ”Image-Adjustments-Curves” If you want it easier then hold down ”CTRL+M”
11- Play around with the channel options a bit until you have a colour you like or effect you like
12- Dupliate the coloured layer and head over to ”Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur” Play with the radius until you have the Blur effect you like
13- Set your blend mode to Lighten and reduce the Opacity
14- Create a new layer and once again hold down ”CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E”
15- Dupliate the layer and go over to ”Filter-Sharpen-Sharpen” If you want the layer a bit more sharpened then hold down ”CTRL+F” to sharpen it up

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