Portrait & Beauty Retouching with Adobe Photoshop

The Portrait & Beauty Retouching course will teach you the best tools in Photoshop to edit your portrait photos. Expert instructor Ben Wise will walk you through step by step video demonstrations to teach you everything you need to know to make your portraits look great.

Along with your course, you can download all of the image files used in the demo videos so that you can practice the new skills as we go.

The course will cover:

Getting started with editing in Adobe Camera Raw
Walk through to the Photoshop interface
Introduction to using Layers
Basic touchups to fix blemishes and lighting
Detailed overview of the most common Adjustment Layers
Sharpening Eyes
Improving the texture and color of the skin
Focusing on specific elements of the face (eyes, teeth and lips)
At the end, we will conclude the course by doing a full photo edit from start to finish to show how all of the different tools come together to make your portraits look amazing.